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The Department of Medicine offers a wide range of high quality services for patients and educational offerings for caregivers. State of the art technology is coupled with a long tradition of competent, collaborative care to manage episodes of illness as well as to promote health and wellness.

Primary care and specialty services are provided in the offices of over 370 active staff physicians and the Adult Ambulatory Center in the Brownstone Building.

The Integrated Internal Medicine Residency trains caring, capable internal medicine physicians and is the cornerstone of graduate and continuing medical education programs. Clinical research is conducted by clinical faculty and house staff in cancer, cardiology, critical care, infectious diseases, and related fields.

In addition to the medical specialty services listed at right, programs in critical care and HIV disease round out the menu of patient-centered/quality & safety driven care, and research and education.

Leadership & Staff

Chief Ajay Kumar, MD, FACP, SFHM
Associate Chiefs Peruvamba R. Venkatesh, MD
Cenegundo Vergara, MD
Assistant Chiefs Jeffrey Robbins, MD
Joshua Croen, MD
Jason Jacob, MD
Robert Gionfriddo, DO
Padmanabhan Premkumar, MD
Ralph Salvietti, MD
Meghan Train, DO
Joel Wilken, DO

Divisions / Sections

Paul D. Thompson, MD
Dermatology Lisa C. Kugelman, MD, FAAD
Endocrinology / Diabetes Robert Oberstein, MD
Gastroenterology Jeffry M. Nestler, MD
General Internal Medicine David F. Mintell, MD
Geriatric Medicine Robert S. Dicks, MD
Infectious Disease / Allergy Jack W. Ross, MD
Hematology / Oncology Peter K. Schauer, MD, FACP
Hospital Medicine Mitch McClure, MD
Nephrology Maria Everhart-Caye, MD
Palliative Medicine Ross Albert, MD, FACP
Pulmonary Disease J. Samuel Pope, MD
Rheumatology Christopher J. Scola, MD
Transplant Medicine Patricia Sheiner, MD

Department of Medicine